Jobs That Require No High School Diploma – Do Not Settle For Minimum

A lot of people that come to my, be rich online website ask me “What are Some Jobs That Require No High School Diploma?” Most people that come to my website know that there these types of jobs out there they want to know what the best ones are.

I always tell people that come to by Be Rich Online website that Affiliate Marketing and Paid Surveys are the two best online jobs that require no high school diploma.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best online job period. Affiliate Marketing in the broadest term is getting a commission for referring potential customers to products. When a person that you referred buys a product you get commission. On the internet the commissions are very high, most products pay their affiliates (that’s you) 75% of every sale. Other than the very high commission rates affiliate marketing has many benefits. As an affiliate marketer you choose when to work and when not to work, there is no limit on how much you can earn, there are millions of different products you can choose from to promote and many different methods of promoting these products. The best part is anyone can make money this way.


>> No limit to how much you can earn

>> You choose when you want to work

>> Many different products to promote

>> Many different ways to promote those products

>> Don’t have to deal with customer service or shipping

>> Once you get started you can setup an automated business

>> No high school diploma needed


>> There aren’t really any cons expect that it does require some hard work don’t expect money to just drop in to your hands from thin air.

#2 Paid Online Surveys

By taking online surveys you are getting paid to give your opinion. Big companies like Microsoft, Nike, RBK, Wal-Mart, ect pay survey companies large sums of money to find out about their customers. In turn survey companies pay you to take surveys.


>> You can start making money in 10 minutes

>> Once you sign up its relatively easy to make money

>> You choose which surveys to fill and which surveys to skip, so its never boring

>> You earn money for giving your opinion

>> Does Not Require a High School Diploma


>> Can be hard to find legitimate survey companies

>> There is a limit to how much you can earn

>> Can consume a lot of time

Affiliate Marketing and taking Surveys are the two online jobs that require no high school diploma, however they both do require some work. To get help getting started with affiliate marketing visit my Be Rich Online website. While your there you can sign up for the step-by-step Free Start-Up Guide to affiliate marketing.

It can be hard to stay away from scams and find the legitimate online survey companies to make the right decision check out the: Review of top Online Survey Companies