Lalaloosy Land – Online Games Created Around Lalaloopsy Dolls

The incredibly cute line of Lalaloopsy dolls for young girls are great fun for imaginative and creative play. But in addition to the fun young girls can have with their physical Lalaloopsy dolls, they can also engage with an online world of Lalaloopsy fun to bring their creative play to a new level. Online fun in the world of Lalaloopsy provides great and challenging interactions that young girls are sure to enjoy.

There are some very fun and engaging choices in online play for young girls who love the adorable Lalaloopsy line of dolls. From the homepage on, young girls have a choice of fun and interactive options and games that will allow them to engage their imaginations as well as their sense of wonder. These fresh and fantastical options provide young girls with a wonderful online distraction that challenges their skills and creativity. Parents can feel safe and comfortable with allowing their daughters to access these wonderful online resources.

One fun Lalaloopsy themed game available from the website is the Hide And Seek game. This is an adorable little find-it style game where many objects are hidden all over the house and lawn of a Lalaloopsy character. It’s the child’s job to locate and click on all the hidden objects on the page within a certain amount of time or else the game will be reset. The game comes with three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and difficult modes. The screen in which the objects are hidden provides a wonderful 3D illusion to the screen as the scene scrolls horizontally slightly with the mouse, and objects in the foreground scroll slower than objects in the background. Sometimes a child will be forced to move in a certain direction in order to locate a hidden object, which is great fun and makes the image seem that much more realistic and filled with depth. A sense of accomplishment awaits the young girl who finds every single object within the time limit set in order to complete the game.

The main draw of the lalaloopsy online interaction, however, is the ability for children to actually enter and travel through a Lalaloopsy virtual landscape. By installing an application called the Unity Web Player, parents can allow their children to select a Lalaloopsy character to use in travelling through Lalaloopsy land online, a virtual 3D environment in which young girls can meet all the Lalaloopsy characters and play games with them. Once the Lalaloopsy online virtual world is loaded up, young girls can travel around the land and see all the fun sights to explore.

Movement is done by use of the arrow keys, and the mouse is used to move the camera around, as well as to zoom in. The Lalaloopsy doll that was chosen by the young girl will start outside of her own house, and from there can move about and travel to different parts of Lalaloopsy land, and visit all the other Lalaloopsy characters in their own houses. They can skip along the land down the path to each dolls house, or they can find a dock and take a boat ride down the river to different parts of Lalaloopsy land. And this online environment is improving all the time, with new additions expected such as a park, as advertised in a sign along the path which advertises “PARK: Coming Soon”.

Young girls can visit each Lalaloopsy doll’s house, and as they approach each one’s pet they will be asked to play a fun little game providing more options for interaction. This safe and fun online environment is a great way to encourage creative and challenging online play for young Lalaloopsy fans.

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