Manifesting Your Desires – Focus, Direction, Clarity

Can we really create the life that we wish for? Yes we can.   Manifesting your desires is often called The Law of Attraction or The Power of Intention. Over the past twenty years as a clinical hypnotherapist I have encouraged clients to focus on their desires and create a vision of their desired goal. The ability to manifest our desires is available to everyone. As a hypnotherapist I have used visualization and affirmations techniques with clients and have seen some amazing results.

But what causes one person to manifest and another one not to? Why do we sometimes see ad hoc results from applying the law of attraction?  To understand this better you need to look at what is going on in your subconscious mind and learn to understand and get to know your saboteurs.   If you are merrily applying the law of attraction and focusing on your goals but are not achieving results, it is likely that you have saboteurs operating in the background.   You will know if you have saboteurs by the negative thoughts that crop up when you begin to create a new manifestation.   Thoughts like that will never work; you really think that will happen? Are thoughts of sabotage.   Many people give up at this point feeling as if these thoughts are real when they are really only negative thoughts coming up because you are moving out of your comfort zone.   Rather than giving up or losing focus, this is the time to concentrate on your desires and stay focused and determined that your desires will come to pass.

There are eight steps to actively applying the law of attraction to see consistent results.

  • Keep focused on your desire.  What do you want to achieve?  When you achieve this goal what will it bring into your life? More love, joy, harmony, freedom?  Allow yourself to resonate with this energy.
  •  Focus only on what you want to achieve.   Many people get caught up with focusing on fear. They focus on  what they do not want to happen. To actively create and manifest what you do want, you need to be able to clearly articulate what you want to achieve.
  • Know that if you stay focused on your vision, then it will come into your life. Have an expectation of it arriving. When you were a child you just knew that Santa would come at Christmas. Adopt this same expectation and excitement about your desires coming to fruition.
  • Be patient. Some people have great visions, can visualize their goals coming to fruition, but give up easily when it does not magically  appear in their time frame. Sometimes goals take a bit longer to arrive then we may want. When you are waiting, keep your thoughts focused on your vision coming to fruition.
  • Listen to your intuition. You will be guided moment to moment by your intuition. Whenever you receive guidance from your intuition that is in line with your goal, follow through on the advice.   Intuitive guidance usually comes one step at a time. As you complete each step, your intuition will guide you again.
  • Imagine and visualize your goal as completed. See yourself experiencing the vision as if is is already in the present. Do your visualizing in a deeply, relaxed state of meditation. This way the vision goes into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between real and imagined and sees this goal as your reality.
  • Stay focused. Never give up or doubt that your goal will come to pass.   What you focus on increases the possibility of it occurring, so focusing on your goal will help to bring it to you.
  • The more you focus on your desires, the more prepared you will be to follow your intuitive guidance and bring your goals into being. Actively focus on your goal by setting a goal in writing, repeating your affirmations and visualizations, and being grateful that it is all coming to pass.
  • Remember that manifesting does not always occur in your time frame, sometimes the universal time frame differs from your own. It is at this time that you are required to be patient and faithful, knowing that if you follow your intuition, your goal will come to pass.

    Cheryl Cattarin is a spiritual counsellor with many years experience in natural healing therapies. Teaching people to access their spirituality, inner wisdom and intuition is her life’s passion. You can read more about personal and spiritual development at