Money With Squidoo Requires Zero Monetary Investment

When you’re a brick and mortar business offline, you can bet you’ll be shelling out a hefty bounty that pays for rental space, inventory, employee payroll and more. But run and online business and you can make money with Squidoo for absolutely nothing.

Online, virtual real estate (otherwise known as domain names), can cost anywhere from $6 to multi-millions if you’re buying a prime URL. But with social networking sites in the world of web 2.0 domains, you can get free pages to conduct your business on with zero rental costs, no utilities to pay, and no hassle of employee payroll.

Money with Squidoo comes easy when you’re able to create unlimited accounts – one for each target audience and demographic – and unlimited lenses (or pages) within each account.

That means you never have to buy a domain or pay for hosting and you get the perk of having Squidoo’s power in the search engine results pages (SERPs) working to boost your lens higher and attract visitors.

For most online entrepreneurs, the cost of launching and growing their business can be almost as draining as an offline venture. With Squidoo and other social networking sites (like Hub Pages, Google Knol, and Weebly), you have your content and images hosted for you – and with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you just point and click your way to a complete web page that looks like a professional created it!

Those who want to make money with Squidoo will be pleased to know that just about anything goes on this particular social media site. They don’t restrict links and they allow G to X rated content (with filters in place to weed out inappropriate material at the user’s discretion).

If you’re looking to get started online but have zero funds for your start-up, set up your business on Squidoo first and then when profits begin streaming in, branch out to your own domain if you want to. For a professional Squidoo lens, visit – or download the do it yourself guide at if you’d prefer to learn the ropes yourself.