MySpace Blocked at Work or School? Try This

Can’t get to MySpace from work because it’s blocked? Here’s something you can try.

Many of my friends are constantly searching for ways to get to MySpace from their workplace because they have been blocked. MySpace is the most commonly blocked web site on the net. I have recently introduced them all to proxy servers such as the one here.

A proxy server like this one can communicate with MySpace, or any other site and redirect everything back to you instead of your computer directly trying to access MySpace or whatever site you like. Thus allowing your computer to see pages at

Unless your work has the proxy server address blocked, you usually can usually use this method. You can search on Google for “myspace proxy” and find a great deal of other proxy servers you can use as well.

Another method I have told people to use is to get a remote control account such as GoToMyPC account or a free LogMeIn account. Using such a service allows users to access their home computer from work.

The home computer then can be used to get to MySpace since your workplace can’t block the web sites your home computer visits. In addition to being able to view MySpace pages, the remote control software will allow you to access all the resources on your home PC as well.

Be sure not to let others know how to do these tricks. . The more people are aware of these things, the more likely administrators will catch on and find ways to shut them down.

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