Non Chemical Sunscreen Reviews – Environmentally Safe and Waterproof

According to many non chemical sunscreen reviews they are the best choice for protection. Not only do they offer natural ingredients that nourish the skin but they also do not have that sticky feeling when applied to the skin that many chemical sunscreen products have.

Sunscreens fall into two categories chemical and non chemical. Chemical sunscreen works by absorbing the sun’s rays. Natural sunscreen works by reflecting the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens are effective but many are not very safe to use.

Naturally-based sunscreen products have increased in popularity because of consumer demands and due to the fact that so many of them are concerned about irritants to the skin that so many chemical sunscreens contain.

Natural sunscreen is absorbed quickly into the skin and is made with all natural ingredients such as minerals, plants and herbs. The main ingredient found in natural sunscreen products is the mineral titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide has the ability to block harmful sunrays and it is not toxic. Plus it is considered by many to be the perfect product to protect against the sun.

In addition to titanium dioxide most non chemical sunscreen products also contain zinc oxide which is a natural mineral that is safe for everyone to use including children and those who have sensitive skin. Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have replaced iron oxides found in chemical sunscreen and they tend to work just as well or better with the addition of being safe according to non chemical sunscreen reviews.

Natural sunscreen also contains other beneficial ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, flower extract, hawthorn, golden seal, comfrey extract, rosemary leaf extract, beta carotene and the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E which protect against free radicals. Other helpful and nourishing ingredients include olive oil, canola, oil, shea butter, DMAE, lipoic acid, green tea and algae which all nourish the skin naturally.

Non chemical sunscreen reviews say these products are usually made without any harmful chemicals, and in most cases there has not been any animal testing on any of their products nor do they contain any additives. Generally they are fragrance free which means they will not irritate the skin and are made with natural oils and they are environmentally safe and are also waterproof and sweat resistant.

Chemical sunscreens are more common, but are more likely to contain toxic chemicals that are bad for the skin and are very unhealthily. Natural sunscreen stays on the surface of the skin and is not deeply absorbed which makes it a healthier option than using chemical-based sunscreen.

But it should be noted that some are not completely sold on natural sunscreen products that contain titanium oxide and want to see more research before they are totally convinced, but it has been deemed to be completely safe and is very popular among consumers according to many non chemical sunscreen reviews.

Natural products are safe and are the ideal choice because they nourish the skin without causing damage or irritation and provide lasting protection.

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