Opening a Dollar Store Includes the Threat of Customers Shoplifting –

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on shoplifting. In this article we will examine some of the more common techniques used to shoplift. Do everything possible to protect yourself and your business when opening a dollar store. Don’t delay in preparing. In fact everything possible should be done prior to actually opening for business.

There are a number of ways that customers can and will shoplift. In fact the variety of techniques used is limited only by the creativity of the shoplifter. In many cases the method used depends on the size of the item being taken. Smaller items are either grabbed and then pocketed or placed into a bag, backpack or purse. There is also the method of knocking a number of items off the shelf, seemingly by accident, and then bagging items while replacing them. Often many of these items will end up in a pocket, including in hooded sweatshirt with the pockets in the front for both hands, or in larger purses.

Another method is making use of shopping bags from your store. These previously used shopping bags are used to carry items out without being stopped. This works well since most people just assume that the person has purchased the items that are contained inside the bags. Unless you have a security system with tagging and monitors at the exits, and the security alarms are then triggered, no one is the wiser when this method is used. This technique can be used with completely lifted merchandise. It can also be used when purchased items are combined with items that have not been paid for. In other words, a few unpaid for items are slipped in with the items that are paid for. Opening a dollar store means being vigilant to these commonly used methods and then putting protection in-place.

Another technique is when a customer comes in to your store. Next the customer picks up two items. One they open and place in a store bag. They then take both items to customer service or your cashiers and request an exchange without receipt, for a supposed defective item. They then walk out not only with a receipt but with the item. There are even more complex methods but they usually involve several different people and are not as common. Shoplifting on a small scale is usually done by a single person and involves the more common pocket and leave techniques.

Security tags will not always protect your items. Dressing rooms and out of the way places are perfect for people to open and remove the security tags from inside the items. They then simply place the items, usually minus the cases, into a bag or pocket.

When opening a dollar store business, become informed. It starts with being aware of the more common methods used. Next eliminate dimly lit, out of the way locations where it can most easily occur. Work with your commercial insurance carrier and the local authorities to gain a better education. Examine every option to reduce shoplifting in your store.

To your dollar store business success!

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Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.