Organizing Boobs

I broke down and went shopping. Shopping is one of my least favorite activities. Though the time had come and I needed to go out for the dreaded

. . . da da dum . . . Bra Shopping!

Funny I mentioned this need of mine to a couple women and they all had the same response. “Ugh, I HATE bra shopping. ” Seems many of us put it off until the last moment.

My mission: To find a bra that is comfortable and fits well as quickly as possible.

Walked through the store and snagged up 4 different brands.

Nope. These won’t work.

Oh, someone left one in the fitting room, size 38D.

Way too big, but I think mine 36C, are too small.

Back out on the floor for the next round.

Another 4-5 different ones, various sizes.

Bingo! Now, I’ve got the size (I think), now comfort.

Some straps pinched, one didn’t correct my “side boobs, ” another just didn’t look right.

Ah, finally. Found one that fit well, looked good, felt comfortable.

I bought 5 so I won’t have to do this again for awhile.

36D – a D cup?!

Geez, I am slowly becoming my grandmother.

No matter what she did, her boobs just continued to grow.

A successful day, I will no longer be tugging at my bras adjusting them for comfort

. . . . well, at least for a few months.

Big or little, flat or endowed – Ladies get out there and get your boobs organized in a well fitted bra. You’ll feel and look better.

When was the last time you went bra shopping?

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