Paulo Coelhos Eleven Minutes Shows the Real Face of Pain

At last I have read a book written by Paulo Coelho. Most of my novel-addicted friends say that Coelho’s books are very interesting. I really wanna read a book of him but no one lends me one because they just borrow it also. Well, I understand. Since I was in Recto last Wednesday, searching for a Humanities book, I asked the seller if they also had a second hand “The Alchemist” but she said they only had a new one. I bought it for P200. When I was already on my way home, I’ve realized that what I was holding was “Eleven Minutes” and not “The Alchemist”. I was kinda disappointed for my idiocy. The letters of “the Alchemist” were really bigger than the “Eleven Minutes”. That’s why I thought it was “The Alchemist”.

Just to cheer up myself, I thought that this book might be also good because it shares the same author with “The Alchemist” But the disappointment didn’t stop there. I read the back cover of the book, where you can see the summary/abstract of the novel. Crap! It’s about love and sex. I was really never interested with books that have such topics. I thought it was just a waste of time. But then, the P200 came into my mind again and I thought this book could also have something.

So, I read it. the first part of the book was awesome. It started with a part of the bible and a hymn about the sacred prostitute. And then there came the story. Holy smokes! I was about to close the book when I’ve read about the masturbation of Maria, the main character. But then, I still continued reading it. I don’t wanna regret something for not reading it up to the last part. And my decision of continually reading it, was right! This book is really superb. I know many of you will argue that Harry Potter, Twilight, and stuff are better than Eleven Minutes, but come on! Wake up from your imagination. Paulo Coelho’s book discussed the real scenario in our real lives. I know you’re not a prostitute. So am I. But what’s the connection of this novel to our lives? A lot.

Pain and love is the focus of the book and I don’t think there’s no person who experiences or will experience these ones. This is one of my favorite quote from the book:

“Don’t get used to it (pain), because it’s very easy to become habituated; It’s a very powerful drug. It’s in our daily lives, in our hidden suffering, in the sacrifices we make, blaming love for the destruction of our dreams. “

“Pain is frightening when it shows its real face, but it’s seductive when it comes disguised as sacrifice or self-denial. Or cowardice. However much we may reject it, we human beings always find a way of being with pain, of flirting with it and
making it part of our lives. “

And that is so true.

I also thought many girls do sex for pleasure. But after reading the book, that thought has changed. It’s hard to explain. I might end up telling the whole story to you if I try to.

Now, you got curious what on earth I’m talking about? Just try reading the book. For a day or two, free yourself from magical books and open your eyes to the real magic of life.

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