Personal Development Helps Minority Fathers in America

There has always been that doubt in myself whether or not I can provide for my family in a society that seems to present the image that black fathers are unable to maintain and build a strong family with value, principle and discipline. Could I have really helped but to think that way when the media and entertainment puts a negative stamp on an entire race do to an individual or a groups actions, beliefs not to mention the history in America. Even though I feel that, I am a dedicated honorable proud father. Society keeps reminding me that more positive and respectful fathers need to step up and out in order to support that idea that we real men whether black, brown or white have a responsibility to help raise and educate our children and possibly help elevate children that are fatherless.

I have been a husband now for 5 months and I never pictured myself in this life-changing event-taking place. In getting married and transforming into that, man my dad and my ex-step father failed at being.

I am the main provider for my wife and 8-month-old daughter. I put my self through all the hatred, racism, prejudice that society allows. Do to the lack of support from the community, entertainment and media. I have taken on the responsibility to strengthen myself in order to make sure my family is provided with not only the material necessities but also the encouragement and support needed for them to be successful and confident. I am able to think like this and provide the idea of abundance and joy because of one particular personal development home study course that I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Some of the motivational thoughts and words I dwell on and speak about around my house is positive mental and emotional support. I feel throughout my existence now that I am 28 years old that the idea that good fathers still exist have been pushed to the side like a pedestrian in the way of a wild man running from a robbery he just committed.

I can still remember the receptionist and the nurses faces when I brought my daughter in alone for a check up. My daughter was 2 months at the time and it was pure pleasure for me to have the time with her without my wife. I just remember feeling I am beyond capable of feeding and changing diapers. Therefore, I really did not see the big deal. Until nurse Rosie brought it to my attention, that it was very uncommon for fathers to bring there babies in without the mom. This is the time when it rally sank in that, we really do live in a world where men are just suppose to be providers for the family but is not known for handling and exercising some of the techniques of motherhood woman may have mastered. I strongly believe that men can learn a lot from woman and that woman can learn from men as well.

I really hope I am not alone on the idea that real fathers in this country really get no respect. I mean that is a respectful and sincere way. I know I am not the only responsible and respectful father but we need more of us in the mainstream and in our community to stand up and demand recognition. As soon as I free up some time a plan on joining a Big Brother community program to help the on going problem of young adults and kids out there without fathers or positive remodels, what are you going to do to help?

I am a proud husband and father that gets the priveledge to be a stay at home dad. I love the personal freedom and the reality of financial freedom that we offer and working towards. The most valuable thing I would recommend to everyone is find a personal development coarse that suites you.