Play Final Fantasy Online Free – FF 1 And 2 Nes Games

This article is for anyone interested in playing the original Final Fantasy 1 for Nes online free right now. Final Fantasy 1 was released in Japan in 1987 and in North America in 1990. It was the first Final Fantasy game to feature the wait battle style as well as the innovative 2-D action battle style.

The Heroes in this game are referred to often as the Warriors of Light. You must level the main characters up and upgrade their magic, weapons, armor, and items. By the end of the game it will become more challenging and many more secrets. The Onion Knight is the strongest class of character in the game if you own all the Onion Equipment which is extremely rare. Only the Onion Knight or sometimes referred to as the Onion Kid. He is the basic class so most people would never expect the beginner class to be the strongest class by the end of the game if done correctly. If you are impatient though I would not recommend searching for the Onion Knight equipment because it could take hours on end. That’s not even guaranteeing success.

People often look to play Final Fantasy 1 online because the cartridges today are rare to find. The game when it was first released was hard to find but over 20 plus years later. People buy them from Ebay and Amazon usually but have to pay an arm and a leg. Then there is the other alternative of playing the game free online. You can do that two ways.

Through roms and emulators. A rom is the computer version of the Nintendo game and the emulator is the computers program of the Nintendo Console. Playing the game online you must own the original cartridge though. The second alternative is playing Final Fantasy through your browser window. A lot of sites have this game in Html or Java versions which have save slots.

This game provides hours of fun and leveling. If you are interested in playing Final Fantasy 1 online have fun and enjoy this history making video game.

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