Positive Words From The Positive Dictionary – The Word Begin

The word ‘begin’ is explained as follows in The Positive Dictionary:

Begin: Begin a task with enthusiasm.
* The beginning is the starting point for success.

In our lives we continually have new beginnings. For a newborn baby it is the beginning of learning and experiencing life. Every stage in the growing and developing of the baby is a new beginning: laughing, crawling, walking, running, becoming a toddler, becoming a kid, going to school. Every grade in school, every further stage in life, studies, work, marriage, parenthood are all new beginnings. Even retirement is the beginning of new experiences.

To begin is refreshing and renewing. To start the journey to a holiday destination is filled with excitement and looking forward to a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Every birthday is both a milestone and the beginning of a new life year. Every day is a new beginning with opportunities for success.

Success is the extent to which we attain our goals. Setting a goal is the beginning of the journey. Planning is the drafting of a road map for the journey. Every phase in the plan will be a new beginning. Every task to be done will be the beginning of a part of the plan. Every accomplishment on the journey will be the beginning for the next step. On the journey there will be obstacles and unforeseen setbacks. Every challenge which has been overcome will be the beginning of the rest of the journey

The extent to which we will reach the final destination, our goal, depends on how we begin our journey, and each part of the journey, towards that goal. For every beginning we need vision, enthusiasm, energy and focus. To continue and to attain the goal we need resilience and dedicated effort. Reaching the goal is the end result. It is on the journey that we experience life in all its dimensions.

Beginnings are starting points on our journeys through life. They refresh and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. But new beginnings are not limited to the important goals in our lives. They are just as important in our everyday lives. Life is experienced in the moment, this second. This is where we have a choice. This is where we can continuously create new beginnings, new things to do, new ways of doing things, new relationships, new enjoyments and new experiences.

Without clear goals we can become stuck in a groove. It has been said that the difference between a groove and a grave is just the depth. The way to avoid a groove is through new beginnings. Why wait for New Year to make New Year’s resolutions? Create continuous new beginnings every day with enthusiasm and life will be a continuous renewal.

Phil Minnaar PhD is a management consultant specializing in management information, business intelligence systems and systems thinking. He has a multi-disciplinary PhD in Computer Science and Information systems, applied to Educational Management.

He has a particular interest in the power of positive thinking and recently published his book, The Positive Dictionary. He went through various dictionaries and selected only words with positive meanings or connotations. For each word he wrote a concise explanation in the form of an action or activity which can be practiced to use that word to become more positive in life. Each word is also explained in the form of a deeper thought or a slogan or a motto, which can be followed in life.

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