Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing Jobs

Web pages rank well only if the content is unique. These contents are written by ordinary people with good writing skills. You can earn a handsome income by becoming a freelance writer. But don’t jump into the fray thinking that it is a child’s play. Before you start your career as a freelancer you should be aware of the pros and cons.

The advantages of freelancing are obvious.

  • Flexible working hours: – It does not matter when you work as long as you meet the dead line. You can work at home or in your office. You can take it up in your spare time.
  • Freedom: – Freelancing offers the freedom to demand what you think you deserve. If your client wants your writing skills they are bound to pay according to your demand, even though staying competitive is important.
  • Skip resumes and interviews: – There is no need to submit resumes and attend series of interviews to get the job as a freelancer. If your work is good you get hired and you can be successful in the field.

Let us think about certain disadvantages of freelancing.

  • Excellent writing skills: Without excellent writing skills it is very difficult to survive as a freelancer. You have to update and constantly improve your skills to remain competitive.
  • Discipline and self motivation: – Self motivation and discipline are two essential ingredients for success in freelancing. Since there is no boss to supervise the work if you are not disciplined chances are there to do the work half-heartedly leading to bad reputation in the field.
  • Speed: – Speed is another factor which determines the efficiency of a freelancer. If you are to earn a handsome amount you have to produce quality work in less time. Most of the assignments get paid according to the length and quality of the content, not the time taken to complete it. Hence speed is important.

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