Rediscovering the Priority of God For Mankind, by Myles Munroe, Book

Keys to Living a Fulfilled Life

Myles Munroe, Internationally known speaker, pastor, teacher, and author, has created an important new study guide and devotional tool. “Applying the Kingdom 40-Day Devotional Journal” designed to help the reader rediscover the priority God has for mankind.

Each of the forty devotionals contains a theme, a scripture, and an inspirational or motivational thought. The devotional thoughts are excerpts from Munroe’s highly acclaimed earlier book “Applying the Kingdom. Each of the daily devotions is based on a Biblical principle.

Dr. Munroe follows up the devotional with skillfully crafted questions focusing on the elements of the day’s theme. I found these questions to be stimulating as they provide a focus for self examination and encourage thought provoking journal material for further reflection and mediation.

Munroe introduces four keys to life in the first chapter: Finding God’s purpose for our life, knowing what to do to accomplish His purpose, how to live effectively, succeeding in the right purpose.

The study questions, are user friendly, thought provoking, sometimes profound, but always practical? They sometimes call for reflection, sometimes action steps are suggested. They always prepare your heart for the meditation that follows. They are excellent for personal journalling.

“Applying the Kingdom: 40-Day Devotional Journal” is a refreshing source to help you establish Kingdom priorities and new power to your Christian experience. These devotions are ideal for individual use, for family time inspiration, or for use in a small study group.

9780768426717, Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.
As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Richard R. Blake, Christian Education Consultant, Book Store Owner