Samsung Galaxy S3 mini-Is the S3 name sufficient?

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is the latest to arrive from the house of the South Korean mobile phone maker. It will certainly earn company a lot of cash.

Searching for an Android Phone, but do not wish a bulky handset? Samsung Galaxy S3 mini seems like the ideal choice for you. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of this handset.


The Galaxy S3 mini seems approximately similar to its bigger cousin, the Galaxy S3. All the keys are in the exact location though the front viewing snapper & sensors have changed sides. The head phone port, & on the rear the LED flash & speaker has switched their location a bit.

The Galaxy S3 mini comes with the similar appearance with pleasing curvaceous edges & round edges. It is more pebble like since it is tinier & also broader in comparison with the Galaxy S3. It is 10.2 mm broad in comparison with the 8.6mm. Still, it is still lighter than the already light full size Galaxy S3 at 113 grams.

Being tiny & round makes the smartphone fit impressively into the hand. The mere time users will need to stretch when utilizing it one handed is to get the notification bar down from the pinnacle of the touchscreen.

Similar to its flagship model, the Galaxy S3 mini seems greatly made.


Samsung has incorporated a 1.2GHz dual core central processing unit supported by 1GB RAM. The performance is impressive. Users spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone, and the performance needs to be on par with the consumer expectations. The S3 mini fulfills these expectations in a great manner.


It is bright & vibrant similar to the Galaxy S3 due to the Super AMOLED technology. It comes with the resolution of 480 x 800 pixels & the pixel density of 233 pixels per inch. This is the similar to the smartphones such as the Huawei Ascend G330 & way short of the Nexus 4 768 x 1280 pixels & 318 pixels per inch.

Storage capacity:

On the memory space front, the Galaxy S3 mini comes with 8GB & 16 GB variants. It comes with a micro SD card slot supporting up to 32 GB of memory space. The expansion slot is positioned beneath the battery.


Connectivity list consists of the typical dual band Wi Fi, assisted Global Positioning System & Bluetooth v4.0. When this smartphone relased it did not have NFC (near field communications). Our review sample did not either but the South Korean mobile phone maker has re launched it with this attribute therefore users will get it if they purchase one. If you are aspiring to begin utilizing 4G mobile broadband on Everything Everywhere or any other service provider later in 2013.

Battery life:

We were a tad confused to discover a 5.6Wh (1500mAh) battery in the Galaxy S3 mini the Galaxy S2 possessed a 6.1 Wh (1650 mAh) battery. But, we were surprised to see a far better battery life in comparison with what we were anticipating.

The Galaxy S3 mini worked throughout a complete day of use easily. After twenty four hours of utilization we still had almost forty per cent of the battery remaining. It gives the handset the potential to be a two day smartphone, given that users do not use it intensively for gaming or video playback.

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