Shih Tzu Grooming Tips – Coat Handling Basics/The Little Guys

Use gentle action. When bathing, thoroughly wet the coat with warm water, apply shampoo and gently squeeze the suds through the coat to cleanse rather than scrubbing the hair back and forth. Use a gentle, all natural shampoo such as HealthyPetNet Herbal Blend shampoo, which is a unique blend of herbs and other ingredients to soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin as well as to condition dull, brittle or normal coats. It gently cleans away dirt without drying and leaves the skin and coat fresh, clean and healthy. The shampoo has a fresh, peppermint smell. Always follow a shampoo with a creme rinse.

In your daily brushing if you run into static electricity in the coat try using a mixture of two tablespoons or less of creme rinse mixed with two cups of water in a spritzer bottle. Lightly spray on the hair before brushing each layer. After thoroughly brushing, run a wide tooth comb through the coat to double-check for any areas you may have missed and to restraighten the hair.

The Little Guys:

The Shih Tzu history is full of legends and mysteries. From the very first moment I laid eyes upon a shih tzu I was captivated by these adorable shaggy mop- heads and began reading about their past. I had found my “niche. “

I started reading about The Empress Dowager. She must have been quite a character in her day and time. One of the things I found amusing about her was how she made it common practice to have the eunuchs hold animals up for her inspection. If its eyes were dirty, or its hind legs not of the right length or its body too long they were taken into the city and sold, receiving good prices because they were from the imperial kennels. She was extremely picky about her Imperial Shih Tzu and favored/cherished “The Little Guys. ” A favorite color of the palace was the “Golden Color. “

As a result of these practices of The Empress Dowager, it is easy to see how several different types of Shih Tzu developed in the Chinese capital by the time the breed became known to the outside world. Hidden in the palace and beloved at court were the exquisitely dainty and well- proportioned little jewels, bred with the strickest selectivity to the imperial idea. And then there was the other specimens, treasured still yet by some who long ago learned to be satisfied with something less than the best. And in the opinion of the Empress Dowager during these early days of the development of the shih tzu – The Imperial Shih Tzu (shorter on leg, short, cobby bodies and 8 lbs. or less was considered the superior quality.

Today, we have learned to call these little guys Imperials and Teacups. As I grow and continue on in my breeding program, I also cherish “The Little Guys. ” I still have the bigger sizes, but I hope to eventually only have the “The Little Guys.

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