Should Students Have To Wear School Uniforms?

The great debate continues about should students have to wear school uniforms? There is no definitive answer as it entirely depends upon the persons beliefs. There are benefits for some children who wear uniforms and disadvantages to others.

The main reason schools in America choose not to allow their students to wear their own clothes is because of the gangs. Having a uniform stops gang members from displaying their colours and garb. The schools also believe it helps stop violence and helps instill a sense of pride in the students. It also helps to break down the barriers between different socioeconomic groups.

Below are some opinions taken from a messageboard regarding the issue:

“I feel we should keep to the uniform. It sets an example of the school. It is representation the community. It is easy to point out different people. Also there would be more fights/bullly’s due to the lack of ‘fashion’. “

” Many schools throughout the U. S. force students grades kindergarten through twelfth to wear uniforms. Students who attend public schools should not have to wear uniforms for four reasons.

1. School uniforms inhibit students€™ individuality. Young people often express their feelings through the clothing that they wear. Uniforms will take away this form of expression. Why should school districts try to make everyone look the same?

2. A school uniform policy inhibits a student’s freedom of choice. Schools teach students that our country is a free one. But when school boards make students wear what they tell them too- it curtails the students’ freedom.

3. There is the issue of cost. Many parents shop for their children’s clothes at used and discount stores. Uniforms can cost more money than these families might be able to afford. Also, these students would need to buy additional clothing to wear after school and on the weekends. That’s double the amount of money a family would spend than they would without the uniforms.

4. The last reason I do not enjoy the thought of school uniforms is comfort. Students enjoy wearing comfortable clothing to school. Uniforms are not necessarily comfortable. Also, wearing a uniform might make the student uncomfortable around people outside the school who don’t have to wear a uniform.

If we want individuality, freedom, and comfort for students while keeping costs down for families, we should not have a school uniform policy for students who attend public schools. “

” In my opinion, right up to year 11 students/kids should have to wear school uniform, it stops all the arguments about who has the latest fashions etc.

But when you reach college or 6th form it should stop, because by then your old enough to know not to take the pee out of what people wear. Mind you saying that, most of the people at my 6th form were wallys. “

Matthew Sirpis