Should You Train Your Dog Yourself?

Are there tricks that you can use to train your dog without hiring a trainer? Of Course. . . It’s actually a lot better to train your dog yourself. A lot of people are scared to do this themselves, But its really not that hard, and your dog will appreciate it. Your dog would much rather have you train him/her then a professional. By training your dog yourself, your dog will develop confidence in you and will learn to love and respect you. If you think that you and you dog have a strong relationship now. . . wait until you train your dog yourself. This relationship will only grow. . . . and your dog will trust you more than ever.

Training you dog is a great bonding process that you and your dog will enjoy. Other added benefits are the cost. You will save money by training yourself and the convenience of training at home is a delight. I am sure that you are wondering where you start. First. ) You need to familiarize yourself with your pet. You have to make sure that you understand your pet’s basic behavior. You also need to know how to train your dog before you start.

Dogs are pack animals, just like their relative the wolf. You have to establish yourself as the pack leader. . . the alpha dog. . . the number one dog. Your dog needs to understand how he fits into your pack at home. He needs to understand that you are the Alpha dog.

Yelling or hitting your dog is not the way to train him/her. The best way is through your dogs stomach. . . . positive reinforcement with treats. When your dog does what you want him /her to do. . . reward them. You can give them verbal praise or a treat.

It doesn’t matter what kind of dog that you have. . . they can be trained. old dogs, puppies, big or small. . . . they can all be trained. Make sure that you have the right books or videos that you need and lots of patience.

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