Stephanie Ericsson, The Ways We Lie

In “The Ways We Lie, ” by Stephanie Ericsson, the author depicts the many ways humans lie and justifies the reasons for doing so. There is the white lie, which is basically telling a harmless untruth instead of a harmful truth. Facades are basically changing your personality while ignoring the plain facts, as the title implies, is a false action done with the intent to deceive. Deflecting is not answering the question at all; it is being up-front about comfortable issues and not revealing the couple of very important issues that changes everything.

The omission is simply when you don’t say anything instead of lying; this changes history as it did in the omission of Lilith from the Bible. Stereotypes create lies because a group of peoples actions, just like group think, caused bad disasters such as Pearl Harbor. Out-and-out lies are straightforward, and dismissal is simply avoiding the lie all together.

It’s seems that Ericsson believes lying is important in order to not hurt peoples feelings and to be successful and happy.

I agree with Ericsson to an extent. It is true that lying may cause hurt feelings and a simple, harmless mis truth would have solved that problem. However, the author also states that she tried to go weeks without lying and she found it almost impossible. I believe that this shows the author might be a compulsive liar, and thus all the justifications she gave us were lies as well. Either way, lies are important, just not when you lie all the time.

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