Stick it to Your Boss – Quit Your Job is Style!

Many years ago a co-worker confided to me that she planned to “stick it” to her boss for not giving her the preferred schedule and raise that she felt that she deserved. “How do you plan to do this?” I asked. “Girrrrl”, she said with a long, sassy, drawl while moving her neck in a circle, “the next time that witch call me to work over time I am going to tell her hell no. I don’t care how much of a jam she is in. I came in late today and I left early yesterday. I am calling in one day each week until I use all of my sick time. And I am not doing anything that is not a part of my job description. I have already started putting my resume out. When I get my new job, I am not even going to call in… I am just not going to show up and let my boss figure it out for herself. She can stick this job, you-know-where. ”

I told my co-worker that I had a much more effective plan that would make her boss weep, long sorrowful tears of regret as well as attract a better paying job. Listed below is a guaranteed successful method to stick it to your boss in a way that he or she will never forget.

1. Come to work 30 minutes to one hour earlier than usual. Better yet, beat your boss to work. Even if you can not punch in the time clock find something useful to do such as pick up litter, clean the bathroom or office area or anything that needs to be done that will improve the atmosphere in your workplace. It doesn’t matter if this is a part of your job description; make your self useful and productive.

2. Leave late. Don’t watch the clock…stay until everything is done to pure perfection. Ask your colleagues if they need any help closing down for the day. Even if you need to punch out of the time clock, go out of your way to make sure that everything that needs to be done is completed beyond your job description. Help that last customer. Fold one more pair of jeans. Wash that last dish. Clean off the counter. Look around and make sure that every thing looks nice and that no one needs help before you walk out of the door.

3. Ask your boss the following questions: I there anything… I mean anything that I can do for you to make your job easier? Is there any area of which I need improvement so that I can be more effective on my job? What can I do to do more work is less time? Ask these questions from the bottom of your heart and mean it. No matter what assignment your boss give you, do it to the absolute best of your ability with a positive attitude. Try to find a way to do a better job than your boss could have ever imagined.

4. Find a niche job that most people either hate or are not capable of doing and become the go-to-expert. If people hate cleaning the bathrooms, you clean them with a spit-shine. If people hate dealing with difficult customers you turn those meanies into purring pussycats. If people hate doing paper work; you offer to file, organize or write any copy that your company needs to be prepared. Find out what you are good at and become the best at it.

5. Be innovative. Find a need and fill it. Does your company need a form that is less confusing? Create it. Is there a faster more efficient way to service customers? Do it. Do you have an idea for a new product, technology or service that will make more money for your company? Write a plan that describes your technique and submit it to the appropriate people. Great ideas are invaluable resources.

6. Always have a positive attitude- no matter what your boss or co-workers say to you! Smile and say today is a wonderful day and really mean it. Cry in the shower before coming to work, but make a promise to yourself that once you are out of the shower that all of your negative thoughts and doubts were washed down the drain for that day. Never say anything negative about your company, boss or colleagues. Information always has a way of coming full-circle. If the only positive thought that you can muster is “Thank God that I have a job and I know where my next dime is coming from. ” Be grateful and focus on what is positive in your life.

7. Increase your marketability. Take a class, read a book or learn a new skill about your current job or another field that interests you. Take a good, honest look at your self and determine if a degree or certificate would help you become more valuable. Each time you learn something new your brain structure changes. You become wiser, smarter and therefore more capable of analyzing complex information. Don’t ever forget the old cliche—Knowledge is Power.

8. Be a team player. Go out of your way to create and build harmony with your co-workers. Ask them how you could be of assistance to them as a department co-worker or work-team. Let them know that their success is your success because when the company looks good, all of you look good individually and collectively. Don’t be a push over, but lead by example and show your colleagues through your actions and words how a positive work environment builds morale and productivity.

9. Assess your work habits. Do you come in late? Are you a procrastinator? Are you easily irritated by customers? Do you have antagonist relationships with your co-workers? Do you call in frequently? Are you reliable? Be honest with yourself, would you want to hire someone like you for your own company?

10. Update your resume and look for a new job after going through steps 1-9. Don’t run away from your current employer. Don’t run away from low wages or unfair treatment. Run to a new job because you are the “bomb”, the stuff and all-of-that-and-a-bag-of-chips. No new employer wants to hear your sad-sob story about why you hate or disliked your job. A new employer wants you to give examples of how you were an asset to your previous job. They want to know what skills you have to offer. They want to know what can you bring to the table that is not already being served by someone else at their company.

Your positive attitude, strong work ethic and integrity will eventually put you in a position to obtain a better paying job with a wonderful boss who deserves an excellent employee like yourself. When you receive your new job offer—and you will—give your boss the appropriate notice. Leave with class and dignity with a smile on your face.

Being a class act will make your boss sorry to lose you and maybe think about how difficult it would be to replace such an excellent employee. Not only your boss, but people in general, only miss things that add value to their lives. Not someone who is an undependable pain in the neck. Now this is how to stick it to your boss in style!

P. S. my co-worker took my advice and was promoted within 6 months.

Cassandra George Sturges MA, MA, Psy. D is a mother of two teenagers, a full-time psychology instructor, advice columnists for Today’s Black Woman Magazine, Seminar facilitator, author of “A Woman’s Soul on Paper” ISBN: 0595171435. Dr. Sturges is the author and publisher of Authentik Beauty Magazine. A 1 year subscription to Authentik Beauty Magazine is only $49.99 for 6 issues; mail request to: Authentik Beauty Magazine, P. O. Box 980679, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Caution: Articles and clip art are sensuously and beautifully designed for a mature audience only. We accept cash, checks & all major credit cards.