Suggestions for a Kid Rainforest Activity

With the National Rainforest Week coming up the third week of October, here are some suggestions to plan a kid rainforest activity. Show the kids how to locate the rainforests of Africa, South America, Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean on a world globe. See if they notice how they are located on or near the equator.

There are hundreds of different and exotic types of animals, insects, reptiles and plants that live in the rainforest. Using a book on rainforest such as Tropical Rainforest by Debbie Depauw, have kids look at photos of the rainforest and its inhabitants. Afterwards have the kids create their own rainforest by making a diorama.

To make a rainforest diorama, each child will need:

  • One shoe box
  • Colored construction and tissue paper
  • String or yarn
  • Markers or crayons
  • Scissors and glue

First, kids can decorate the box by covering the outside of the box with colored paper and glue it to the box to secure. Line the inside of the box with green paper and glue to the sides. The box will be turned on its side so the opening is in front. Decorate the inside walls of the box with trees, butterflies, birds, snakes and frogs drawn on colored paper. Cut out objects and glue to the inside walls of the box.

To give the diorama a 3-D effect, the kids can draw more trees, animals, and reptiles on colored paper. Cut the objects out, but leave a tab at the bottom of the object. This tab will be folded back and used to secure the objects to the bottom of the box. Kids can use the tissue paper to make flowers, and string to make vines hanging from the top of the box and from the branches of the trees.

Older children can complete this kid rainforest activity with writing a little description of one animal, reptile, insect, bird or plant in their diorama. The rainforest is home to many exotic and unusual living things. Display the dioramas for everyone to enjoy.

As a mother, grandmother, and child development professional, Nancy Johnson, shares over 20 years experience working with children and planning activities on her website, Check it out for more school age child activity ideas including fall, holiday, learning, party, and child nature activity ideas.