Surgery Went Horribly Wrong – Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Yet another case of a cosmetic surgery going wrong, and this time the celebrity under fire was Country Music star Kenny Rogers and his plastic surgery. Apparently, Kenny Rogers had wanted to get the lines from around his eyes removed which appear naturally due to old age. He had become more conscious about his looks and wanted to be able to match up to the upcoming generation of young music stars. So, at the age of sixty seven, he decided to go in for plastic surgery.

But as the case lay, the surgeons gave him something extra apart from the treatment which was to include a major face lift and an eye job. After the operation, he told a good many people that this was not the look that he desired. The skin around his eyes had become extremely tight and it even seemed, at least to some, that his face would just tear apart if some excess pressure was applied to it.

Even though many people around him, even his new wife, liked the way he now looked, he just did not want that new face any more. He felt that it was the height of artificiality and wanted the damage repaired. So now has hired a highly qualified team of surgeons to repair the damage and undo what has been done. Kenny Rogers himself told a few reporters that the surgery was driving him to the limits of madness because of the tightness of the skin around his eye lids and that he would make sure that they were fixed. Kenny Rogers has been a sort of patron of cosmetic surgery all throughout his life, but after this failure he admits that he will perhaps not go in for anymore treatments.

Too many people, this Kenny Roger’s plastic Surgery seemed a debacle straight from the beginning. After the eye jobs and facelift, it seemed that Kenny’s fore head had become too flat and artificial, almost with a plastic feel.

Even though he seemed much younger, it was not the same Kenny Rogers any more. His whole appearance seemed odd and did not suit him at all. After all there is a grace in being old and famous and if people are hell bent on trying to hide away all those years behind a fake mask of plastic, it is indeed disgraceful.

Ultimately, Kenny Rogers lost a good number of fans. This was the same Kenny Rogers whose voice was a household name in the eighties. With his soulful lyrics about the Wild West, and the fast life, he could move many an audience.

Kenny Rogers has performed with most of the famous singers and country music stars of his time and even of the modern generation, even if he seems to lag behind a little when it comes to pop music. It is a totally different matter that he has been married many times, but his duets with so many stars are still remembered fondly. He once had that hard and rustic looking face which resembled the life that he sang about in his songs, the rugged life of the west but now with his youthful and clean face, all that seems to have changed.

But it is a known fact that Kenny Rogers was often teased by coworkers in his early years about his heavy frame and weight. So from the start, he cared a lot about his appearance. As a matter of fact, he used to work out also to control his weight.

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