The Professional by Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi is gradually raising the standards with each book he comes up with. The first book titled High performance Entrepreneur explained how he built a company, and how everybody can. The respect commanded by him among the readers comes not only from what he has achieved so far, but also because the way he has achieved those things. The book intends to serve as a tool kit for the young working professionals, in fact it may go on to serve as the bible for them.

Flimsy Loyalties and Falling Moralities

The modern world is full of flimsy loyalties and falling moralities with the stories such as Lehman Brothers being the norm these days. The manner in which the professionals should behave is also an area which is not that clear. Subroto Bagchi tells us the professional needs to be correct not only in terms of legalities but also in spirit. The examples given by the author are practical and inspiring, thus creating a clear roadmap how one can follow ethics and still become successful.

How Do We Evaluate Integrity?

The picture presented by Subroto Bagchi, however, does not make it clear how the HR departments of the companies are going to make sure the person concerned is not just mouthing correct statements but is also adhering to its true spirit. There are many areas which thrive on corruption where applying these principles would be extremely difficult.

Integrity Is Vital

The author further says, the main difference between someone who is competent and a professional is integrity. If you don’t have integrity, you would just be a smart cookie, nothing more. You will definitely not leave a legacy after you, and you will not be remembered.

Level Playing Field for Everyone

In an interview, the author said the journey of India from G20 to G8 will have to be led by the professionals. He believes we won economic freedom in 1980s because anybody who wanted to work, could get work after that period. The world has opened up and economically there is a level playing field for almost anyone. At the time when people are trying to get intellectual freedom for themselves, doing things right, and with integrity becomes vital.

The Author Manages To Surprise You

The author Subroto Bagchi manages to surprise you with the help of examples which make use of an uneducated individual who is extremely professional though he picks up unclaimed dead bodies. On the other hand, in another chapter there is a doctor who is corrupt to the core. The author uses these extreme examples so you can see the situation in true light.

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