The Truth About The Western Governors University Scam

You may want to know about the truth of the Western Governors University Scam. There have been a lot of rumors circulating on the Internet regarding this online university which has about 32, 000 students in different programs. Here, the institution will be examined and so will those claims that people have made against the institute.

Students of this university come from everywhere in the United States, but there are also students in military bases abroad, as well as Canada. The institution itself happens to provide an opportunity for online, affordable high education. Students can register regardless of the SAT scores they received, but an entrance exam needs to be passed. It is a nonprofit institution, and therefore it receives both federal and state grants and even private grants. The university cannot receive government funding for its overall operations, however. Academic operations are all virtual and WGU employs about 1, 800 staff and faculty members. Most of them work from online offices and provide help to students.

Seeing If This Could Help the Western Governors University Scam

Scholarships are offered in order to help students with their tuition costs. Students are also able to apply for financial aid from the government to finish their studies in either bachelor or master’s programs. Overall, 58 degree programs have been offered by this institution and these include finance, accounting, IT management and many others, including business management. As an accredited university, the degrees that are earned through this are also respected. Every student is given a personal mentor from the time of enrollment to their graduation.

After taking a look at the offers that the institution presents, it could be safe to say that Western Governors University scam accusations are not true. It has been recognized as an educational institution by numerous boards and has even won a few awards for the excellence in education that it provides. The President of the university was awarded the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education during 2010.

Being a nonprofit organization, the institution operates like government agencies. This can be frustrating for students and therefore there is the appearance of inefficiency. For example, a student complain about the problems when it came to filing and finalizing the financial aid documents. Another one complained about the way in which diplomas are delivered. There are numerous students, however, who have happily graduated from WGU.

Those complaining about a scam may have their own input to blame. Whether you are attending college online or going to an actual campus, it is important to put in the proper dedication in order to progress. Maybe a few students just expect distance learning to be a much more laid back style of study. This is not the case. Students need to give themselves over 100 percent to a course. This is not an easy road to graduating.

There is a lot of hard work involved. This is the same as traditional universities, otherwise the college would not have the reputation that it earned. It would also not be accredited, and therefore not have received the awards it has. Established in 1997, during the early days of the Internet, this university has become respected and has growing enrollment from students. Overall the answer to the question is no, the Western Governors University scam is not true.

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