The Wealthy Barber – Everyones Common-Sense Guide to Becoming Financ

“The Wealthy Barber: Everyone’s Common-Sense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent” by David Chilton is an enjoyable read that introduces basic personal-finance habits that can lead to wealth if practiced and implemented as taught.

The lessons are taught in story fashion by a “wealthy barber” named Roy to a few disciples over a few weeks of visits. The lessons are basic, but that does not mean they are not important. In fact, for many people, these basics are all they will need to better their finances while preparing for a better financial future. This book will not prepare you to become the next Warren Buffet, nor will you be a market genius. There are many more things you can learn on this subject as well, but this book is a nice little primer. Some of the dialog between the characters is a bit corny, if not irritating, but then you can also look at it and laugh at Chilton’s use of light humor to teach important topics.

As I mentioned, the lessons are basic, but they are sound. The strategy of paying yourself at least ten percent of your pay first is not new, and is taught in many ways by many people. That does not make it less important, and most people would be better off if they implemented it. I also liked that there was discussion on wills, life insurance, and responsibility. Pointing out that some people do not need certain types of insurance is as important as pointing out that some people do.

We have all heard that social security may not be around in the future. And those receiving only social security now are barely making due. It is in all of our best interests to plan for retirement. The lessons taught in this book serve as a good reminder of things we should be doing and looking at, and hopefully will encourage many people to start planning and seek out more information on this important topic.

While “The Wealthy Barber” won’t teach you the path toward the Forbes 400 list, it does provide some excellent basic advice on personal finance. Considering the debt that many have, combined with the lack of savings, compounded by the dim outlook for social security, following the advice of this simple little book could make a huge difference in many people’s financial futures. I recommend it highly for anyone that needs a head start on planning for their future. I also recommend it for those that want a quick enjoyable read on some basic financial strategies to motivate you to learn more.

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