Transform Intimate Nights with Exotic Nipple Jewelry

Nights Get A Little Nice And Naughty With Nipple Jewelry
Bringing out any naughty side can be thrilling with nipple jewelry.

  • Non pierced options allow anyone to experience an the excitement.
  • This allows any woman to get a bit naughty without the commitment.

Titillate any breast by wearing handmade female body accessories.

  • The heightened sensations these provide can increase female arousal.
  • The delicate metal can make skin feel lightly caressed when worn.

Adjustable pressure makes it possible to get a firm or soft touch.

  • Women can give breasts a firm touch when more sensation is desired.
  • Softening the tension can give skin a feather soft sensation.

For women who want a little extra spice, dangle charms may be added.

  • Charms may increase sensations as they create additional movement.
  • Those wanting even more visual appeal, chains can be added to jewelry.

Get Linked In With Nipple Rings Jewelry Chains
Chains can take any female nipple rings from merely spicy to fiery.

  • A sultry appearance is created by linking a chain between breasts.
  • When worn, this can further enhance the pleasure women experience.

Chain types can vary depending upon the look a woman wants to have.

  • Colored pearl beads gives any skin tone a touch of saucy elegance.
  • These may be worn around the neck similar to a standard necklace.

Looped around the neck can also allow these to be worn under clothing.

  • For women who want more flair, these may be worn without clothing.
  • Non pierced nipple jewelry may also be clipped to chains or chokers.

For the ultimate in sex appeal, chains may be clipped to a choker.

  • This can help to perk up breasts and increase arousal for women.
  • Perkier breasts are a great way for any woman to feel more erotic.

Nipple Rings Put The Jingle Back Into Holidays
The holidays often mean more time with a lover or special someone. This often leads to couples seeking ways to add more jingle to sex. Intimacy can be increased by using body accessories for adult play.

Holiday colored decorations for the body are can make nights hotter. This may include colored jewelry or chains clipped to pieces.

  • Nipple jewelry accessories can allow for many more personal touches.

Clip on charms are another flirty way to add pizazz to the body. Holiday light bulb designs are an erotic and fun type of charm. Women wearing these will feel naughty and nice around the holidays.

The Best Tips For Wearing Non Pierced Nipple Jewelry

Jewelry should be kept clean and gently stored when not in use. To avoid damage to the material, tarnish removing cloths may be used. This can help to prevent build up on the metal that is used.

Non piercing nipple rings makes women look sultry without the work.

  • They should be carefully placed on the body then gradually tightened. This allows women to become accustomed to the sensation created.

Those new to non pierced fashions may wish to start out slowly. A bra or tight top may help keep them in place during daytime wear. More experienced wearers may prefer to wear them without a bra.

Without a bra, accessories can often be seen through clothing.

  • For a sexy night, this visual display can titillate a partner.
  • Nipple jewelry can be a surefire way to entice any lover at night.