Ways to Search For My Friends Number on Plaxo

Plaxo is one of the recent spins on the social networking site. Forty million people use it for its synched address book features so they can keep in touch with loved ones. Created by Napster co-founder Sean Parker, Minh Nguyen, and two engineering students from Stanford, the concept is that you can store information on Plaxo’s servers. Whenever you change any of your information, such as your address or phone number, it is updated in all your contacts’ address books.

Recently, Plaxo has added more features to its repertoire. With Plaxo Pulse, you can see what your friends and family are creating online. From your Pulse account, you can view blogs, social networking sites, photos, videos, and more from various online sites. You can connect your Pulse account with over thirty other sites, such as Flickr, Twitter, and Yelp. This site is very much about staying connected to those who mean the most to you. So, now how do you find them?

If you want to find a friend’s phone number on Plaxo, simply go to the website and enter the name into the search box on the homepage. The site will then pull up any matches they have. If you want to view your friend’s profile, you have to become a member – which is free. The process is very easy – just fill out some basic information, such as your name and email address. Once you become a member, you can view your friend’s profiles and set up one of your own. This is a great way to stay in touch because you get to control the information that people see. It is also becoming more and more popular, which means more and more of your friends and family members will be on.

Staying connected with friends can sometimes be difficult because of our busy lives; but technology makes it so much easier. Plaxo, in particular, is a way to organize your friends’ information and to share what they’re doing online. You can choose to share your phone number with your friends and family, and they with you. As always, though, don’t share your personal information with strangers, and when you get calls from unfamiliar numbers, search a phone number to see who owns it. It is always better to be safe. With Plaxo, though, you have control over how much information you share.

Susan is a part-time writer and long-time personal fitness trainer with a knack for tech gadgets. You can check out her latest techie project-a tool to find out who owns a cell phone number-at http://www.SearchAnyNumber.com