What Causes Inaccessible Boot Device Stop Error 0x0000007

An inaccessible boot device stop error can be caused by any of the following and typically associated with an error in the Windows operating system or hardware upgrade. Some common causes could include:

* A boot sector virus

* Corrupt Windows registry

* Upgrading the motherboard in your computer

Not all inaccessible boot device errors are caused by the operating system. Sometimes they may be the result of a physical hard drive crash or damage to the disk drive.

* Moving a boot drive from one computer to another

* Bad or partially connected data cables

* Bad sectors on the hard drive

* Power surge or outage

The most commonly recommended solution to this inaccessible boot device error is to format the hard drive and run a fresh reinstall of the operating system.

There is a problem with this recommendation. . . You will lose your data! You should only reinstall or format the hard drive if you are absolutely sure you do not need any of the files from it (you can only be sure after you check your backups).

Customers and technicians alike who thought they had backed up or saved their data from a hard drive only to realize that after formatting, there were files that hadn’t been saved or weren’t included in the backup session.

In most cases, data can be recovered after a hard drive has been formatted or after a fresh install of the operating system has been performed. However, there is always a risk that all of your data may not be recoverable, especially if the drive has been used after the format or reinstall.

Technical Support Told Me To! Nearly every day technical support technicians tell users to run their recovery disk. This is not a solution if you don’t want to lose your data! An experienced data recovery specialist can usually recover data at this point, but e-mail and other files may be corrupt and it’s tough to get a 100% recovery.

When it comes to recovering vital data from a crashed hard drive, you need to choose a company that has the experience, training, and equipment necessary to recover your files.

Jason Perry

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