Wii Golf Improves Your Real Golf Game

I love sports of all kinds, in real life and on the Nintendo Wii. I use to play all sorts of Wii Sports games except for Wii Golf. I never was a big fan of Wii Golf until it helped my real life game!

One of the sports I love to get out and play in real life is golf. Unfortunately, time and money prevent me from getting out there as much as I would like. So bottom line is I am a lousy golf player!

A few months ago a client of mine asked me to attend a golf tournament up in Washington. He was important enough that I did not want to say no and miss a chance to network. So I fool heartedly agreed to meet him up there. As soon as I got off work I barged into the messy garage and pulled out the dusty clubs. I cleaned them all up and through them in the back of the car so I could go practice the following day. When I got to the course the next day my golf game was below my average. I ran a handicap of a 49. I then said to myself that I would practice once a week before the tournament. Well, as everyone knows good intentions can often times die fast. I didn’t even get a chance to play again for two weeks. When I finally got out again to play golf I played a more average handicap of 45. When I left the course I knew that I wouldn’t get a chance to make it back before the tournament so I ran to the store and bought Tiger Woods 08 so I could practice on my Nintendo Wii. I played that thing every night for about 20minutes for a month.

Well, surprise surprise, When I finally headed up to the tournament I shot a handicap of under 40. My slice, which was my biggest problem was gone. I had practice night after night on Wii Golf trying to correct that problem. It seemed to have paid off. Wii Golf helped me not look so bad, and helped my real game of golf.

Though, I am still no golf expert, and I never will be. I am however a Wii Golf master! It is truly amazing how Wii Golf has helped me and how other Wii games are helping other people. Tiger Woods, you and me, and your new Tiger Woods 09 game. . . Your going down!

Michael Roberts
Is a Wii Sports nut. Loves Wii Golf and Wii Sports games of all kinds.