Workplace Problems Discuss Openly on Behavior Issues

We are in a dilemma if we should really confront a coworker for bad behavior. Whether we share good relationship or just a formal one, telling a person that he is wrong can be uncomfortable which most of us avoid and wish others do it.

Sometimes coworkers exhibit awful and annoying behavior. Based on the rapport they have with others on the office, they intentionally or unintentionally take us for granted and end up compromising with basic workplace etiquette. We for the same reason abstain from confronting them. We ignore them thinking they will change their behavior. When things start getting worse, we wish someone to tell them to change.

We do no good to the specific coworker, the workplace and to ourselves by this. When it comes to workplace, one should maintain an expected level of etiquette.

Decency at workplace: It is essential to let others do their job without disturbance, or at least for the sake of decency. A compromise is only tolerated, that too for sometime. After all, others will not pay the price with their productivity. If we spare him for fear of spoiling relations or being assumed unkind, we are allowing the situation to turn worse.

Do not be reluctant: Many times, telling or convincing a coworker will not work out. He will be reluctant to admit this mistakes and one will have to confront him and prove that he is wrong. The task can make us loose our cool. We think whether it is worth the effort.

Saving our team:

Yes! It is worth it. We are saving ourselves from decline in productivity or being mistaken as an accomplice of the person. We are saving the person from getting addicted to that behavior or hindering his professional growth and getting fired. We are saving our team, our project and our job. In fact we are demonstrating leadership. Confronting a coworker if it is for a constructive purpose is not wrong. It actually earns is credit. We will surely gain support of others, who equally respect etiquette. Many times, the coworker does not realize that he is annoying or offending his colleagues with his behavior. Or his ego stops him from admitting it. So, when he handled smartly, the confronted person will not hold any grudge against us.

In case, the coworker is our friend, we are all the more responsible for correcting him. Instead of letting others hurt him or mock at him, we can put it across to him in a suitable way and make the workplace better.

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