World Cup Slime Soccer – My Favorite Computer Game

World Cup slime soccer is a two dimensional computer game which you can play real professional soccer virtually. Because of the popularity of the sport, game developers created such slime games intended for fanatics particularly kids who love the sport.

These games are simple but fun to play. It uses simple controls that even kids can easily learn to play it. The game can be played individually and set the computer as the opponent. It can also be played in multiplayer mode and enjoy the game with your friends.

The objective of the game is to beat opposing teams from professional leagues from different countries. You control your own slime with the keyboard and move it like jumping and grabbing the ball. You can choose whatever team you want to use. As you win different levels of the game, the opponent becomes more aggressive and intelligent which becomes more difficult to beat. The duration for each round can be configured depending on how long you want to play. The game consists of qualifying round, semi-finals and finals.

The final round of the game, you will have to beat teams from South Korea, Tunisia, Sweden, Brazil, Germany and England. These are the top teams in the game. As an additional fun, it includes a team called Night Elves.

World cup slime soccer is really a nice simple game which you would really enjoy playing. You will love to play it over and over again. So what are you waiting for, ask a friend to play with you and enjoy the game.

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