Write Your Memories to Leave a Legacy – Tips to Get Women Started Wri

Write to leave a legacy. We often read about a financial legacy. There are advisors who can help you determine your goals and make sure that you have adequate money to achieve them. You are asked if you want to leave money to your children, to your church, to your college or high school, to a favorite charity.

But a life, fortunately, is considerably more than a bunch of numbers or a stack of bills. The author, writing coach and social psychologist Matilda Butler has identified seven legacies of life. She calls them: Emotional Legacy, Physical Legacy, Cognitive Legacy, Spiritual Legacy, Social Legacy, Financial Legacy, and Temporal Legacy.

“While I’ve written briefly about these life legacies, ” says Butler, “I’ll be addressing each in depth in a book planned for next year. For now, however, I believe memoir writers can use them to give focus to their own legacy. ” Consider Emotional Legacy, she suggests. The types of feelings you have are not always under your control. One event may make you happy and another may make you angry or sad. Having the full range of emotions is important in a well-rounded life.

Identifying these different feelings or emotions will give texture to your writing. Furthermore, how you handle various emotions is a gift you give to others, for that is the only part you can control. Do you nourish your emotional health? If so, how? Do you acknowledge your feelings or do you deny your emotional needs?

You want your family and friends to take care of themselves emotionally, but if you don’t help yourself, how will they have a model for their own lives? Consider an Emotional Legacy of a well-balanced emotional life that fully acknowledges both your feelings and your need to express feelings to those you know. When you create a living legacy from your awareness of your own emotional needs, you are also investing in your Emotional Capital. The more you invest, the more you have to give as a legacy.

Write your memoir as a legacy for your family and friends. Consider the variety of elements of your life that you want to include. Often the written story of a life is more valuable than a check or other monetary asset. Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. can know what your life was like, what was important to you, and what times were like when you lived. As a commercial might say, “Priceless. “

Thanks for reading this. Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for. . . your Bonus Writing Prompt: Choose one of the Seven Life Legacies mentioned above-such as your Spiritual Legacy. How do you work toward an understanding of life? Is it through prayer, meditation, literature, music, art, or nature? Independent of the specifics of your religious or spiritual beliefs, you do have this particular life to live. Write a letter to a grandchild that explains your legacy of values. Tell your grandchild where these values come from and give examples of how they have shaped you.

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