Writers and Their Cats: A Review of The Cat on My Shoulder&quot

“Writers and cats seem to be custom-made for each other, ” says Editor Lisa Angowski Rogak in the introduction to “The Cat on My Shoulder: Writers and Their Cats. ” And after reading this book, I’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

I received a copy of “The Cat on My Shoulder” as a going-away present from a friend at one of my jobs, and it’s been a cherished part of my book collection ever since. In its pages are dozens of essays penned by prominent writers, about the cats who share their lives. From the authors ranging from Richard Scarry to Sue Grafton, the stories are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, occasionally surprising, and always entertaining. Plus, each essay is accompanied by a black and white photo of the author and his or her cat(s) and, in one case, the author’s rather entertaining self-portrait.

One of the great aspects of this book is that it embraces different perspectives. There’s Sue Brownmiller, who begins her essay by stating that she is a dog person, who is on her first cat. She goes on to describe the adjustment a dog person must make to cats, their quirks and their methods of communication. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Lilian Jackson Braun, who proclaims that she’s always had Siamese. Lilian Jackson Braun is the bestselling author of “The Cat Who…” mystery series, which features a crime-solving pair of Siamese cats who go by the names of Koko and Yum Yum.

Aside from the cat aspect of the book, it’s also a great peek into the lives of some of our favorite writers. As such, the book has an intimate feel, as stories told between good friends.

The essays are all fairly short, which makes this a great book to read in small sittings. A nice-sized trade paperback with a clever, cartoonish cover, this would make a great coffee table book and a great conversation starter.

This is truly a beautiful, book for anyone’s collection. It’s a book that’s meant to be read again and again. It would make a wonderful gift for the writer, reader, or cat-lover in your life.

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