XBox 360 RRoD – What Causes the Red Ring of Death?

As an XBox 360 gamer, I am sure you are well aware of the RRoD, the red ring of death, that has been plaguing quite a lot of gamers. But what exactly causes the red ring of death? The answer to this question also gives you a clearer idea of what to look for when you need to fix this problem.

What Causes The Red Ring Of Death?

The main cause of the red ring of death is overheating. Technically it is referred to as error e74 which stands for general hardware failure. And in most cases, the failure comes from the XBox 360 overheating itself and the graphics processing unit becomes loose. And when the connections from the graphics processing unit (GPU) are no longer solid connections to the rest of the XBox, you end up seeing the red ring of death.

Bad Soldering

Sadly, the solder that was used for the XBox is not the best solder for the job. The solder that was used ended up cracking at high temperatures. And given the small confines of the XBox interior, the heat inside gets very high.

Inadequate Ventilation

Given the high heat components inside the XBox, the ventilation that is provided is inadequate. Some people are able to cool down the XBox during play by setting the XBox on top a stool where it gets a breeze as well as by pointing a little fan right at their XBox.

Stay Away From The Towel Method

Now, when it comes to fixing the red ring of death, stay away from the towel method. It’s a method that’s been going around the internet. Knowing what we now about what causes the red ring of death, mainly overheating, you can understand why the towel method is not the best answer to fixing the problem.

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