Zumba Dance Classes The Truth on How to Burn Up to 800 Calories While

Why are Hollywood “A” list actors, actresses and regular folks like you and I jumping into Zumba dance classes ? Well it’s because now they can burn calories, lose body fat and have fun dancing!

If you have thought about taking Zumba dance classes and have put it off, nows the time to jump in and find out what the fuss is all about. With the easy to follow instruction this new cardio training is the way to go.

What’s really exciting about Zumba is the music and songs. The dancers just want to go wild at certain points in the dancing. It’s almost like being in a hip New York dance club.

The dances include punching routines, along with salsa, cumbia and merengue. Zumba exercises the legs, arms and wow does it work the abdomen in gyrating ways. Unlike like typical aerobics the Zumba instructors use nonverbal cues.

The Hottest Fitness Craze In America

Zumba dance classes may be the hottest fitness craze, but the people are getting results and they are definitely not feeling crazy. According to a recent newspaper article. . . “Zumba fans report weight losses of anywhere from 26 to 115 pounds. One woman told an instructor that Zumba changed her life. A cancer survivor swore that it was Zumba that got her up in the morning. “

Its results like these reported in a recent magazine. . . “”People rush to get here, me included, ” says Karen Ford, a ceramic artist from Westport, who says Zumba has re-energized her after years of Bikram yoga and weight-lifting. She still enjoys those things but says, “This is the one class I hate to miss and almost never do. “

Easy To Follow Dance Moves

A representative dance class includes some easy sequence of steps – such as thrusting the hips from side to side and some coordinating arms. Zumba hits the critical core ab muscles, tones the arms and really works the legs and hips.

The classes have a sexy feel to them.

Many of the students show their bare stomach and wear skimpy tank tops, but that is the degree of the burlesque qualities.

In Summary :

Zumba Dance Classes are a fat burning, body shaping and fun workout. Any one any age can get results fast. To learn more about losing weight, quickly reshaping your body and having fun while doing it. . . Click to http://ZumbaFitnessnj.com for class schedules in New Jersey and free Zumba tips, tricks and DVDs.