Before Nanotechnology, There Was The Pocket Watch A Dependable Time P

Long before the advent of Nanotechnology, fine craftsman created amazing micro-mechanical machines that were both precise and beautiful. Although it is not clear when the first time piece that could be carried was produced, it is generally thought that the first pocket watch was made during the 16th century. These early devices, although finely crafted, were crude at timekeeping until the mid 19th century. During the late 1870’s it became a truly precision time piece, rivaling most technology of that time, and combed numerous advancements in science of the time. This level of precision was possible with the advent of temperature compensating balances, and fine adjustments enabling the watch to run at a consistent rate of time in several positions. These refinements were primarily due to the need for a precision time keeper that could be stored in a railroad workers pocket, as the train was increasingly relied on for dependable and safe travel. It was during this time that manufacture moved from the cottage craftsman to mass-production in factories. These are the time pieces that can be used, and are the most affordable for the average person today.

Although these watches were mass produced, they still capture the style and pride of the craftsman of earlier years. Open a common 7 jeweled Elgin (or a Waltham, Hamilton, New York Standard, Illinois. . ) pocket watch from the late 1800’s and you will notice attractive plate patterning (called damaskeening), polished screw heads, finely finished wheels (gears), and polished jewel settings. These artistic elements (with the exception of the jewels) are not needed for the watch to function properly, and many would not be noticed by anyone but the watchmaker (watch repair person) when the watch was disassembled for repair.

Why would someone want to own an antique mechanical watch (wind-up watch) today? A battery operated quartz watch can be purchased for under $20.00, keeps excellent time, and is very practical. Well, an antique pocket watch represents an age that seemed to pride themselves in fine craftsmanship. It is truly unique to have in your pocket a tiny mechanical machine that works for years before needing any maintenance, and is independent of an outside power source. Also, the pride in owning and using daily a fine piece of machinery is appealing to many. Some collect a wide array of different time pieces, while others have one pocket watch that is used on a daily basis. Many have a watch that has been handed down through the family, and would like to have their heirloom restored.

Whatever ones preference, owning and using an antique device such as a pocket watch can enrich our understanding of how impressive technology of the past really was. It also sparks interest in furthering our knowledge of history, and can even provide inspiration for the pursuit of self sufficient technology for today.

Joel Trenalone is an architect working at California State University, who also operates a small buisness in repair and sales of antique and vintage mechanical watches. Find more about mechanical watches and services offered at

Guccis Earnings Decline 97% As Tourism Slump Hurts Stores

The Gucci Group said today that its first-quarter earnings plunged 97 percent as the company suffered through the effects of the war in Iraq, an epidemic in Asia and a strengthening euro.

Much of the shopping at Gucci’s biggest stores around the world is done by tourists who tend to spend more when they are on vacation. But fears of terrorism and severe acute respiratory syndrome kept many tourists at home this spring. Fewer travelers also meant lower sales at Gucci’s duty-free shops in airports.

And with consumer confidence sagging, Gucci and its rivals are struggling to persuade shoppers to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for their shoes and bags.

”They had many things working against them in the quarter, and there was not much more they could have done, ” said Patrizio Pazzaglia, the head of asset management in Italy for Bank Insinger de Beaufort, a Dutch bank. ”We will see the same story repeated when other luxury-goods companies report in the coming weeks. ”

Gucci earned 1.2 million euros ($1.4 million) in the three months ended April 30, compared with 35.5 million euros in the same period last year. Revenue declined about 7 percent, and the company reported its first operating loss since it first sold shares to the public eight years ago.

The strength of the euro, which has risen about 15 percent this year against the dollar, also hurt Gucci’s results. The Italian company, which is registered in the Netherlands, has less profit when it converts earnings made in dollars, yen and other currencies into euros.

In addition to selling clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags under its own name, Gucci owns the Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta brands. The French retailer Pinault-Printemps-Redoute owns a majority of Gucci’s shares and has agreed to buy the remaining 36 percent by the end of next year.

In an interview with Reuters, the chief executive of Gucci
, Domenico de Sole, called the combination of factors that hurt tourism and the economy a ”perfect storm. ”

But he was upbeat about the rest of the year, saying there were indications that the current quarter would be ”dramatically different” from the first quarter. ”I expect a significant improvement, ” he told Reuters. ”The only areas that remain soft are Italy and France, because tourism is not back. ”

American depository shares of Gucci rose 61 cents today, to $98.71, on the New York Stock Exchange. When the world’s $60 billion luxury-goods industry does make a comeback – and some analysts say that might not happen until at least the beginning of next year – and when Americans and Japanese again visit Europe in droves, Gucci will be in a good position to benefit, Mr. Pazzaglia of Bank Insinger de Beaufort said.

”Gucci is hurting now because of a lot of factors outside of its control, but it remains a brand with worldwide recognition that people are willing to pay a premium for, ” he said.

Photo: A Gucci store in London. Yesterday Gucci reported its first operating loss since it began selling shares to the public eight years ago.

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Individual Dental Insurance Plans – What You Get With a Discount Dent

Just like anything else, shopping for a dental insurance plan takes time and careful scrutiny. How do you know whether you’re getting a good buy for your money or just getting another deal that doesn’t deliver. In this article I will be going over some of the basic benefits in an individual dental insurance plan, and then I’ll show you where you can look at some plans in detail.

Instead giving you the big sales pitch, I’ll get right to what you probably really want to know. What does it cost? Then we’ll talk about what you get for the cost. In the research I’ve done for Individual dental insurance, I’ve found the price of dental plans to vary from $79.00 per year, all the way up to $139.00 per year. This is a once a year payment, not a monthly payment.

What You Get For $79.00 Per Year

The $79.00 a year discount dental plan covers diagnostic and preventative dental procedures at an approximate savings of 30%. Here are some sample savings on common dental procedures.

  • Routine checkup usual fee $40 – You pay only $27
  • Full mouth x-rays usual fee $104 – You pay only $72
  • Adult teeth cleaning usual fee $75 – You pay only $54
  • One white filling usual fee $121 – You pay only $102

What You Get For 139.00 Per Year

  • Routine checkup usual fee $40 – You pay only $0
  • Full mouth x-rays usual fee $104 – You pay only $56
  • Adult teeth cleaning usual fee $75 – You pay only $48
  • One white filling usual fee $121 – You pay only $67

As you can see, a dental insurance plan can save you money on many common procedures as well as saving you money on crowns, root canals, dentures, tooth replacement, bridges, and tooth extractions. Depending on what you want in dentistry, a dental insurance plan may be a wise money-saving choice.

Now here’s that place I promised you earlier, where you can look at and compare an assortment of quality individual dental plans
, or click on one of the following links, to learn more about the benefits of family dental plans and or group dental insurance plans in your area.

A Natural Perspective On Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmunity involves the immune system failing to recognize the body’s cells and tissues as being a part of the body, which results in the immune system attacking those cells and tissues. Any disease resulting from autoimmunity is called an auto-immune disorder. There are over 60 known disorders thought to be related to autoimmunity. Below is a summarized list of conditions related to autoimmune disorders :

Alopecia Areata – An autoimmune disorder that is characterized by hair loss. It is found commonly in men and women and can occur at any age, including childhood.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Characterized as a progressive brain disorder, which involves a decline in social and intellectual abilities. Alzheimer’s Disease is thought to be associated with free radical damage in the brain and inorganic aluminum.

Celiac Disease – A chronic inflammation of the colon that creates an intestinal breakdown due to an allergic reaction to gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as wheat, barley, oat and rye.

Crohn’s Disease – A chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which is characterized by severe inflammation of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. This disorder is typically seen in persons between the ages of 15 and 35, but can also be found in young children and the elderly as well.

Fibromyalgia – This disorder is characterized by aches and pains in the muscles along with chronic fatigue and insomnia. It is estimated between 3 to 6 million people in the US suffer with Fibromyalgia. Ninety percent of them being women.

Graves Disease – A disorder affecting the thyroid gland. In this disease auto-antibodies bind to the thyroid gland, which increases the production of thyroid hormone, which plays a major role in metabolism. Symptoms include nervousness, diarrhea, insomnia, sweating, and weight loss with increased appetite. More serious symptoms include irregular heart beat, tachycardia (increased heart rate), swelling of eyes and legs. In rare cases, cardiovascular collapse, shock or coma could occur.

Lupus – A disorder which instead of the body’s immune system functioning properly as protection from harmful invaders, it forms antibodies that attack healthy tissues and organs. Symptoms include aching joints, inflammation, swelling, fatigue, fevers and rashes. Lupus is a mild disease affecting only a few organs, but for others it may cause serious, even life-threatening problems.

Multiple Sclerosis – A chronic inflammatory condition which involves the central nervous system (CNS), which consists of the brain and spinal cord. This chronic inflammation causes severe damage to the myelin sheath (covering of the nerves). Symptoms include blurred vision, numbness and paralysis. Mercury toxicity may be a causal factor.

Psoriasis – A common chronic skin condition which is characterized by symptoms similar to eczema. It involves the hyperactivity of the immune system which creates a form of inflammation. This inflammatory reaction causes skin cells to multiply seven to twelve times faster than normal. The skin is often dry and itchy as well as being cracked or blistered.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – This disorder can affect many joints, but most commonly the small joints of the hands. An autoimmune attack on the tissues causes inflammation along with pain and swelling. If uncontrolled it could lead to destruction of the bones, deformity and eventually disability. It is thought that a factor of rheumatoid arthritis is holding onto bitterness.

What are natural ways that can be used which are helpful for autoimmune disorders?

  • Most people with autoimmune disorders suffer from exhausted adrenals. The adrenals produce a hormone that controls the immune response called cortisol. Cortico-steroid drugs are used to treat autoimmune disorders to mimic the action of cortisol, but have undesirable side effects. A natural alternative to consider is Licorice, which is an herb that supports the adrenals, as well as having anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Yucca also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as mimics the effects of cortisol. It also has a detoxifying effect as well as a blood thinning property. Wild Yam is another herb that can be taken as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Willow bark also has an anti-inflammatory property and can help bring relief from pain in autoimmune disorders.

  • Stress management is a key factor in dealing with autoimmune disorders as stress adversely affects the adrenal glands. Getting an adequate amount of sleep as well as having a positive mental attitude can be very helpful. Supplements that can be beneficial in helping the body manage stress are Siberian Ginseng, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Nutri-Calm

  • Antioxidants aid the body in balancing immune activity and also fight free radical damage. Green Tea Extract and High Potency Grapine are appropriate choices.

  • Essential Oils that may be beneficial for autoimmune disorders include Bergamot, Clary Sage, Lavender and Roman Chamomile.

  • Adding essential fatty acids to your diet like Flax Seed Oil and Omega-3 EPA can help to reduce inflammatory responses.

  • Magnesium deficiency is also common in cases of autoimmune disorders. Fibralgia contains magnesium as well as malic acid which is beneficial for generating cellular energy and may be helpful for Fibromyalgia.

  • Moderate exercise such as walking or swimming can be helpful but care should be taken not to over exert the body.

  • Taking a digestive enzyme is very beneficial.
  • Taking a Probiotic daily is recommended to help put healthy bacteria into the intestines which may help reduce allergic responses.

What should be avoided?

  • Immune stimulants are contraindicated as this could only make the problem worse. Avoid taking herbs and supplements that boost the immune system such as Colostrum, Dandelion Root, Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Yarrow.

  • Avoid essential oils that stimulate the immune system such as Geranium, Thyme and Ylang Ylang.

  • Food allergies may also be a factor in autoimmune disorders. Common allergens are hydrogenated fats and oils such as margarine and shortening, grains such as wheat and corn and dairy products. Foods that aggravate the condition should be avoided.

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars which feeds Candida, a fungus that may also be a contributing factor for autoimmune disorders.

Toxicity and Heavy Metal Poisoning

It is believed that heavy metal poisoning, such as with vaccines that contain mercury and other toxins that are injected directly into the bloodstream as well as other toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, are a major factor in the underlying cause of autoimmune disorders. A gentle detoxification is recommended so as not to detoxify the body too quickly causing a “healing crisis”. SAM-e can be helpful in detoxifying the liver and has been beneficial in some cases of Fibromyalgia. Enviro Detox taken in small doses can also be helpful.


American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association

About the Author:

Michelle Newport is a Certified Herbalist and Founder of Nature For Life (
). After suffering from chronic health problems, Michelle began studying natural medicine as well as natural health from a Biblical perspective and enjoys being able to share information on how to achieve better health – mind, body and spirit. Michelle resides in North Carolina, where she has a natural health consulting practice as well as offering phone consultations to her clients across the United States.

Social Anxiety Medications – The Best And Most Commonly Prescribed So

Social anxiety disorders affect millions of people worldwide every single day. This article will reveal the best and most commonly prescribed social anxiety medications on the market. Keep reading to discover panic attack cures and remedies to become panic free forever.

Anxiety attacks and its debilitating symptoms really do affect a person’s life, their work, and virtually every part of their day to day life. People who suffer from severe anxiety attacks and disorders are usually left completely immobilized and totally unable to function properly on a day to day basis.

Fortunately, anxiety disorders can be treated effectively with medication and/or psychotherapy methods. It is often believed that, in fact, psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for most anxiety disorders. However, social anxiety medications may be prescribed in conjunction with psychotherapy.

How Social Anxiety Medications Work

Social anxiety medications work to help individuals become calm and relaxed.

The Range Of Social Anxiety Medications On The Market Today

There are a large range of social anxiety medications that are currently available. A number of the best and most commonly prescribed social anxiety medications include Valium, Xanax/Zanex, and also Ativan medication. There are also other social anxiety medications including Buspirone, Beta-blockers, and also Gabapentin

Sometimes antidepressants are prescribed for social anxiety as it is believed that antidepressants are also effective drugs for the treatment of social anxiety.

Other than Benzodiazepines, among the many social anxiety medications available for anxiety sufferers are Buspirone, Tricylic, Antidepressants, or SSRIs, which are inherently the preferred medications for the most common social anxiety disorders.

In addition to all these medications there are also the following social anxiety medications that are commonly prescribed: Antipsychotic medications, Antihistamines medications such as Atarax and Vistaril plus common Barbiturates called Phenobarbital, and also effective Beta-blockers.

However, social anxiety medications must be prescribed by qualified health professions and under medical guidance and advice. Additionally, some social anxiety medications don’t work if prescribed to a person who has a substance abuse problem of some kind.

The most commonly prescribed social anxiety medication for infrequent sufferers is Seredyn which contains all natural ingredients and is known to give long lasting relief from anxiety symptoms. Seradyn also promotes relaxation, and reduces worry and is also an effective mood enhancer

Not every social anxiety medication will work for your particular anxiety disorder so it is always important to first check with your general practitioner or psychologist for the best anxiety medication for you.

I strongly urge you to check out the website below for a list of panic attack cures and remedies that you can start today.

Do you or your loved ones frequently feel anxious, stressed and nervous? These could all be DANGER SIGNS of a debilitating panic attack. It’s time to TAKE CONTROL of your panic attacks rather than your panic attacks take control of you. Discover how to LIVE PANIC FREE for good by following the panic attack cures and remedies at

The Reef Resort, Grand Cayman Simply All Inclusive A Friends and Fa

Grand Cayman, 2009 – This package was created for budget-minded family and friend travelers, who appreciate a great value and premium amenities. The Simply All Inclusive™ package includes all taxes and service charges, unlimited drinks (including top shelf premium cocktails) in the resort’s bar The Rusty Pelican and Pelican’s Reef restaurant, three meals daily (guests can choose anything from the a la carte menu), snorkel equipment, tennis, gym, and bicycle rentals as well as a complimentary on-site discover scuba diving lesson. Guests staying seven or more nights can also add a complimentary catamaran excursion to the renowned Stingray City or a relaxed Sunset Sail. Two swimming pools, water aerobics (a great exercise for children and adults of all ages), a daily noon fish feeding from the resort’s dock, children’s activities, water volleyball, shell collecting, sandcastle building, and endless beach adventures are all at a guest’s fingertips.

For those who relish captivating sunsets and evening activities, the resort offers a variety of entertainment, including the legendary Barefoot Man ( Stay in shape at the new Simply Fit gym or rejuvenate in the new boutique Le Soleil Spa. The Simply All Inclusive™ package rate starts at U. S.

$490 per night, for two for a Beachfront Studio, per night. Guests will also continue to enjoy simple and convenient ways to make vacation planning a snap with the resort’s on-site complimentary concierge who can arrange adventures pre-arrival and, of course, on-site. Hurricanes are never an issue at the Reef as their guarantee gives guests an option to cancel with a full refund before they even leave the house. In addition, the East End is the best kept secret among snorkel and dive enthusiasts, being the most pristine and un-crowded area on the island, which allows water adventurists an up-close and personal encounter with the reef and all of its inhabitants. Opened this summer, is a state-of-the-art fitness center, SimplyFit Gym, and soon to open Le Soleil Spa, an affordable day spa concept will open presenting guests with additional opportunities to stay in shape. The Reef Resort has been a Travel & Leisure steals and deals pick twice this year, and was featured as part of a round up story on

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A Cultural Diffusion

In the past, there was only one time of nationality in the NBA ranks. We Americans were the only ones allowed to play in the NBA because the NBA is located where it is. Now, this is a totally different story. Players from around the world are given the chance to play for the league by playing well. A draft allows any player that is at least one year removed from high school to play. There is no discrimination that is used in picking the players. A well represented diverse team is the San Antonio Spurs. They have many players from different parts of the world, from Tony Parker to Tim Duncan.

Is the cultural diffusion that is occurring right now good for the league and everyone else? Without player intervention, there would be less following in the sport. People from China would not have a country hero to root for; people will not find the motivation to follow their hometown players. When people from other parts of the world see people from their country and nationality compete and thrive, it gives them an extra want. It also allows for equal opportunity for all and allows for fans to learn a little about other countries.

Without some of the foreign players who have thrived in the league, we would not see many of the stars we see today. Players like Yao Ming, Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan are all players outside of the United States. We will be used to people just from our place, our universities that it makes it boring. We get to see a totally new side to everything from just looking at how other people from other parts of the world operate.

The NBA is a global thing and should maintain what they have. With more foreign players, more countries will be represented until the NBA is like a community. The NBA needs to reach out to as much people as they can, in order to be successful.

NBA fan
By Jonathan T Chin

Which is Better – iPad 2 or Laptop?

IPad as Apple Inc, the first generation called back into life in 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had clarified that the iPad was no better than a laptop, but cheaper than one. It was more than clear that Apple is not interested in eating it the laptop market with the introduction of the iPad – an iPhone-iPod Touch-crossover, which makes a bit of computing. But bear the curiosity, and people started wondering what would be ideal for them – an iPad or a laptop.

iPad vs Laptop: The Long Debate PendingCome 2011, the introduction of second generation iPad – Apple iPad two made the task of choosing the more difficult as Apple made it a point to do away with all the limitations of its first generation tablet in the new device. Although logically it should be a Tablet PC Vs Laptop comparison, the iPad has become a brand within a year after its introduction, and therefore it is better to compare iPad vs laptop, tablet vs. laptop instead. After Apple launched the successor to the original iPad – the second IPad generation earlier this year, it sparked a whole new iPad 2 vs Laptop debate, and as always, join us were not able to hold back from us.
Which is better – iPad 2 or laptop?While a tablet and a laptop both portable PCs to be random, they differ both from each other by a considerable extent, and which of the two is perfect for you, what you are going to depend on this device for use. Specifically with regard to the second generation iPad, it is an advanced tablet, which acts as a platform for various activities directly from listening to musicand watching videos on computer and internet surfing. With so much to offer, it is not surprising that this device against laptops that are being developed further played out very quickly. But the iPad is 2 better than a laptop? Like a computer, not really!

The disadvantage of the iPad line 2 – when it is played out against a laptop, is the lack of a physical keyboard. While a virtual QWERTY keyboard is not present – together with an amazing cover, also known as a prop to put it in the ideal position for typing, the experience is not as smooth as that of a laptop – especially if you have a lot of typing to do. As a student you need to do projects and tasks as a working professional, you may need to prepare a Power Point presentation. Unfortunately, neither of these work tasks with a virtual keyboard would be okay, even if it’s a QWERTY keyboard, which passed the iPad two sports. The virtual keyboard in iPad 2 is ideal for typing messages, but typing longer texts or do assignments and PowerPoint presentations can be quite annoying.

Different than a physical keyboard, laptops and edge of the iPad 2 in relation to the USB ports. While thousands of applications on the official App Store can give a user a high iPad two kinds, one can not download some of the most useful apps from the Internet and install them on this device. While the multi-tasking function, finally makes a debut on the iPad, the experience is far from multitasking on a laptop. Not to mention the problem with multitasking will also affect your web experience on the iPad second At the same time, 256 MB of RAM available to theiPad is not sufficient when it comes to surfing. The second Generation iPad not boast of a 10 hour battery life, but it has a built-in battery that you do not like you can replace it in a laptop.

That has helped to determine which is perfect for you – Apple iPad 2 or laptop. The second generation iPad not boast two cameras, the FaceTime video to make this phone possible. It has the ability to play different audio and video files. It can also double up as an e-book reader and a gaming device. But all these things are possible even on the laptop, depending on which brand you choose. In fact, Apple’s own MacBook Pro is the ideal choice if you have to choose between the iPad and a notebook.
Apple iPad 2 in no doubt, much better than its predecessor, but it is not good enough to replace a laptop. If you do, whether you should go for a laptop or the iPad 2 go confused, you should sit back and think, and decide what you want for this unit. Regardless of whether you are a student or a professional job when it comes to real computing, it is a laptop the whole way. But if you already have a desktop or laptop, and you just want the iPad 2 for the brand to buy it, you do not need to give a second thought on your money on them.

You may also be interested in macbook reviews .

Find the Location of a Cell Phone User Quickly, Easily, and Accuratel

Even today there are people that don’t realize how easy it is to get a name and address for a cell phone user. And if you are one of these people, don’t worry: the rest of this article will shed some light on the subject.

Are you trying to find the location of a cell phone user? Well, if you have tried to find this information for free online by doing a Google or some other search engine search, you may have found the results to be rather elusive. But that’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a fast and easy way to track down just about any mobile phone owner without busting the bank.

But why do you have to cough up a fee to gain access to these results? It has to do with who owns the data behind these numbers. And these owners are companies like Sprint and Verizon. They don’t seem too fond of releasing this information for free.

But they don’t mind making a little money by leasing the identifying data behind the numbers they manage to third party directories. These directories are how it is possible for someone like you or me to find the location of a cell phone user.

But it will cost you a little bit. And that is because the directories had to first pay the mobile phone giants. So, the directories charge us. But the cost really isn’t that much because the best directories sell these results in volume.

So, for about the cost of a bucket of chicken at KFC you can discover:

o Owner’s name
o Current billing address
o List of previous addresses
o Names of possible relatives and neighbors
o Wireless Carrier
o Full owner history of the wireless number
o Other telephone numbers that belong to the owner
o Age
o Occupation

Some of the better directories also offer the option of a paid membership for the ability to conduct unlimited searches. Again, the cost is very reasonable and if you think you may run more than a few searches, it is definitely the option to go with.

So, anyone now has a place to not only find the location of a cell phone user, but also a place to get owner details behind virtually every other type of phone number. The same directory that allows you to track a mobile phone owner also gives you the ability to find out who is behind a fax, unlisted, VoIP number as well. And they also carry all the information contained in the White Pages.

For a fast, easy, and accurate way to do a ReverseCellPhoneFind, all you have to do is visit this Reverse Cell Lookup Directory

Positive Words From The Positive Dictionary – The Word Begin

The word ‘begin’ is explained as follows in The Positive Dictionary:

Begin: Begin a task with enthusiasm.
* The beginning is the starting point for success.

In our lives we continually have new beginnings. For a newborn baby it is the beginning of learning and experiencing life. Every stage in the growing and developing of the baby is a new beginning: laughing, crawling, walking, running, becoming a toddler, becoming a kid, going to school. Every grade in school, every further stage in life, studies, work, marriage, parenthood are all new beginnings. Even retirement is the beginning of new experiences.

To begin is refreshing and renewing. To start the journey to a holiday destination is filled with excitement and looking forward to a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Every birthday is both a milestone and the beginning of a new life year. Every day is a new beginning with opportunities for success.

Success is the extent to which we attain our goals. Setting a goal is the beginning of the journey. Planning is the drafting of a road map for the journey. Every phase in the plan will be a new beginning. Every task to be done will be the beginning of a part of the plan. Every accomplishment on the journey will be the beginning for the next step. On the journey there will be obstacles and unforeseen setbacks. Every challenge which has been overcome will be the beginning of the rest of the journey

The extent to which we will reach the final destination, our goal, depends on how we begin our journey, and each part of the journey, towards that goal. For every beginning we need vision, enthusiasm, energy and focus. To continue and to attain the goal we need resilience and dedicated effort. Reaching the goal is the end result. It is on the journey that we experience life in all its dimensions.

Beginnings are starting points on our journeys through life. They refresh and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. But new beginnings are not limited to the important goals in our lives. They are just as important in our everyday lives. Life is experienced in the moment, this second. This is where we have a choice. This is where we can continuously create new beginnings, new things to do, new ways of doing things, new relationships, new enjoyments and new experiences.

Without clear goals we can become stuck in a groove. It has been said that the difference between a groove and a grave is just the depth. The way to avoid a groove is through new beginnings. Why wait for New Year to make New Year’s resolutions? Create continuous new beginnings every day with enthusiasm and life will be a continuous renewal.

Phil Minnaar PhD is a management consultant specializing in management information, business intelligence systems and systems thinking. He has a multi-disciplinary PhD in Computer Science and Information systems, applied to Educational Management.

He has a particular interest in the power of positive thinking and recently published his book, The Positive Dictionary. He went through various dictionaries and selected only words with positive meanings or connotations. For each word he wrote a concise explanation in the form of an action or activity which can be practiced to use that word to become more positive in life. Each word is also explained in the form of a deeper thought or a slogan or a motto, which can be followed in life.

The Positive Dictionary is a practical resource for a positive attitude and success in the workplace.

More information about The Positive Dictionary is available on